All submitters will hear back about the status of their submission by September 29th, 2017

General Submission Guidelines

  • For anthologies, please submit only unpublished work.
  • We insist on PDF files.
  • Please include only ONE piece per submission file (chapbooks excepted).
  • Be sure that your Submittable profile includes your full name, address and telephone information, or include these items in the submission page's Message section. 
  • Biographical information is welcome.
  • We will read a maximum of 3 submissions per author.

We are seeking concise, creative pieces for our fourth microtext anthology. Specifically, we are looking for poetry, creative nonfiction or any genre of flash fiction. This work will be published as a limited edition miniature book. There is no theme for this anthology. We are simply looking for memorable works with an efficiency of words. Any genre or approach is welcome. Our word limit is 500 words for prose and 100 words for poetry.

Ends on August 31, 2018

We are looking for works that express some motif of fragility. It can appear in a variety of ways: the vulnerability of the strong, a balance on the precipice of destruction, the ephemeral nature of bonds, a moment that nearly breaks you, and the like. However, being fragile doesn’t have to mean breaking; it can alternatively lead to growth, rebuilding, moving beyond. 

We are open to any genre. There are no length limits.

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